Crazy Racers

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Some Seriously Kooky Characters!

Sturdy, simple, and traditional, wood block toy cars are a staple children's toy, but that doesn't mean they all have to look the same! Meet the Crazy Racers: a set of nine kooky speed demons driving all sorts of wacky improvised vehicles. Of course, they'd really like to zoom on a race track, but they're sized to play well with all sorts of kids toys: standard wooden mini vehicles and play rugs and play mats, and they fit most brands of wooden train tracks. Everything great about traditional wooden toy cars, just a little cooler! Cut from natural blocks of solid wood and finished with water-based paint, these classic toys supercharge fine motor skills and encourage imaginative play and a healthy sense of adventure.

Meet the Racers!

-- Tyrone "T" Rex
Riding the Nasty Asteroid, this dinosaur is dino-mite on straightaways! Turning is another problem.

-- Princess Petunia
Riding the Magic Pumpkin, this pretty princess must be in the winner's circle before midnight.

-- Captain Octavia
Riding Calamari's Revenge, this Octopus pirate lost one of her eight legs, but never lost a race!

-- Howard Spookington, Jr.
Riding the Haunted Motor Home, this spooky ghost sends his competition home boo-hooing.

-- Sally Drive
Riding the Endeavor space shuttle, which tops out at about 17,500 miles per hour!

-- Martian Marvin
Riding the UFO (unbelievably fast object), this alien explorer has no relation to any other Marvins from Mars.

-- Murphy G. Dog
Riding the Waggin' Wagon, this corgi is the fastest fetcher known to man.

-- Miffed Max
Riding the Footlong Special, this mouse with attitude insists on being called the "Road Warrior."

-- Jacques Casteau
Riding the US Bengal, this kitty cat is the most decorated/only feline naval explorer.

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