Hair Color Ring

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Item Dimensions: 12x4x1 in.
Item Weight: .16875 lbs.

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With this purchase you will receive one color ring and one order form. Once you receive the color ring you can easily decide what color is the best choice for your hair color. You can then return the color ring with the order form to place your order. The price paid for the color ring will be deducted from the cost of your order for your set of hair extensions.

If you choose to return the color ring and not place an order for hair extensions then a $7 restocking fee will be applied before refund for the return of the color ring only.

The color ring should only be purchased for deciding your color choice for hair sets only. Some of our color rings do not have our "fantasy" highlight colors such as pink, purple or red.

Color Numbers are somewhat universal. Typically, if you buy a #2 from a different supplier and then buy a #2 from Pro Extensions, for the most part the colors will be the same. However, there is always a slight difference between suppliers so we can not guarantee a color match .

It is even more difficult if this is your first time purchasing human hair extensions. You may only have your computer screen and our descriptions to determine what the best color is for you. Every computer screen is different. What may appear as a #4 Chocolate brown for you may be appear to be a #6 medium brown on a different screen.

Also, our pictures can be a little deceiving. It is not intentional, but hair color changes depending on the amount of light you use when taking a picture. You could be looking at our pictures and thinking of the picture as if it only had typical lighting. However, we could have used a flash when taking the picture and therefore it could be misrepresented in your eyes.

Fortunately, You usually dont need a perfect match to be happy with your Pro Extensions. When you place your hair extensions on your head it is going to be placed inbetween tracks of hair. So a natural blending effect will occur and you wont be able to notice that the hair extensions dont match perfectly. Instead it will look as though you have added hi lights or low lights depending on the color of the extensions.

Typically just looking at our website is good enough to find a color match. Also, our great return policy enables you to make a mistake and be able to fix it. However, another alternative is our Color Ring Loan Program!

The color Ring Loan program allows a customer to buy a color ring. A color ring is a ring that has a swatch of each different color of hair that we offer. Therefore, you can easily receive a sample of each hair color for review prior to picking your hair color. Then once you decide which color you want you complete the form and return it with the color ring. The form will contain your payment information or money order and once it is received back from you we will ship out your set.

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