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Orb of Predestined Fate D60, Ancient Gold

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SKU: GDIC-3301
UPC Code: 193206026445
Item Dimensions: 1.5x1.5x1.5 in.
Item Weight: .5 lbs.

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You may be wondering to yourself: How do I use this in my games? As it turns out, there are lots of creative and interesting ways to integrate this special die into your sessions. Roll it as a damage die for your Big Boss's attacks, or use it for atmospheric purposes. How many minutes does the party have to act before certain doom befalls them! What time Or pair it with a d24 to select any hour and minute in a day. For something truly chaotic, tie the dice to random transmutation effects like the legendary Wabbajack.

Why You'll Love It
Made from genuine metal and measures in at a whopping 40mm diameter. Trust us when we say you'll FEEL the rolls when they happen so please try to use the Orb of Destined Fate in a dice tray and not directly on your nice gaming table.

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