Our Brands

At Claysmith Gaming, we strive to bring the essence of nostalgic gaming to the home player. When you play with our poker chips, we want them to have a look, style and texture that make them memorable. When creating the molds, inlays and edge spots for our chips, we relied heavily on “The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide,” Fourth Edition by James Campiglia. Whether it’s Gold Rush, Desert Heat, Milano or Bluff Canyon, our custom-designed chips are sure to bring excitement to any game.
Get glamourized with Pro Extensions! Pro Extensions is a fast and easy way to transform your appearance. Our variety of clip-in, human hair extensions and hair pieces make creating new looks fun and affordable. Whether you are looking for a full set of extensions, or a clip-in accessory like bangs or highlights, we’ve got you covered. Pro Extensions is dedicated to helping women quickly solve their everyday issues involving length, volume and style.
From blackjack and roulette to craps and poker, our Roll Out Gaming felts and playing surfaces are top-notch quality. Whether you enjoy at-home play or do casino rentals, our products are ideal for any situation. Our neoprene table covers provide the coverage your need when playing cards and feature a reversible design.
Jump on board with Conductor Carl! Conductor Carl is an exclusive Brybelly brand featuring many high-quality, wooden track pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes. Different size kits with multiple track pieces make constructing the perfect path for your engine fun and easy. You will love the freedom and versatility Conductor Carl has to offer. Best of all, Conductor Carl is compatible with most Thomas the Tank Engine products, as well as Brio or other well-known brands.
Rack up your pool skills with merchandise from Felson Billiards Supplies. Made from only the best-quality materials, Felson products are sure to help hone your billiard skills and make you the envy of every player. We offer an array of items ranging from ball sets to cue tip chalk. Take your billiard game to the next level with Felson Billiards Supplies.
Step right up! Plan your next party or barbeque to perfection with a variety of carnival-inspired games from Midway Monster. Whether it’s a dry erase prize wheel, ring toss, darts for pop-a-balloon or burlap sacks for yard races, Midway Monster is the answer. Kids and adults alike will enjoy hours of entertainment at your next event with the help of these classic games.
Soft and cuddly, our custom-made line of Sock Monkey Family products is sure to thrill any child. Our monkeys are creatively packaged in a cardboard vehicle for easy storage and imaginative play. Whether it's a family car, a school bus or a pink limousine, these adorable sock monkeys are ready to take an epic journey! Each monkey wears an adorable accessory and is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.
If you like beer pong, you need Brewski Brothers. Every set comes with 144 perfectly-sphere balls for ideal shots. Whether you are going for a lob shot, a straight shot or a bounce shot, Brewski Brothers has you covered. Show your friends you only play with the best. These aren’t your bro’s balls.
Kroo Sports offers sporting goods with children in mind. From classic items like the jump rope to unique items like the wooden balance bicycle, we have a variety of fun products for almost any age. Let's get your little one moving towards a healthy lifestyle!
Perfect for role play, school projects and more, Wiz Dice are top-of-the-line dice in a variety of colors and styles. With clear, easy-to-read numbers, these dice will transform your game play into something magical.
Triple Out Darts is a product line suitable for all players of all skill levels. Whether you are just beginning, or have been throwing darts for years, you will be amazed at the quality products we have available. From tournament-style bristle dart boards to steel-tip darts, we cover all the bases. These items are great for bars, sports clubs or at home in the man cave!
If you coach a sports team, teach an athletic class or just want to practice at home, Crown Sporting Goods has you covered. We offer a variety of quality sporting good products at a great price. From wiffle balls to whistles, we have an accessory that will be the perfect supplement to your next workout.
Mr. Moustachio is the president and CEO of Upper Lip Plumage. He wrote the pamphlet, "Mr. Moustachio's 10 Most Manly Mustaches of All Time." He married Mrs. Moustachio, a former circus sideshow performer, and later produced the pamphlets, "The Five Most Meatiest Pork Chops (Side Burns), "The Five Most Gnarliest Goats (Goatees)," and "The 10 Most Girly Moustaches." He also has a line of moustache tattoos. Mr. Moustachio offers a variety of creatively styled products with a character and personality to match.
Royal Bingo Supplies offers a variety of products including Bingo markers, cards, magnetic chips/wands and daubers. Full-set Bingo games are also available. We also have a huge selection of colored plastic Bingo chips. Let us help you make your next Bingo game a huge success with our line of high-quality products!
Pudgy Pedro's is dedicated to providing high-quality party supplies to liven up your next event or business function! We offer three different styles of pennant stringer banners that each measure 100 foot in length. There are 48 pennants on each string.
Children learn best when they are at play. Using that logic, Imagination Generation has created several products that are designed to stimulate a child's imagination through play-based activities. Using role play and other creative strategies, Imagination Generation lets children explore their world in a manner that comes naturally-play! Whether it's storytelling dice, classic card games or wooden characters, Imagination Generation products are sure to inspire, delight and entertain!
Durable, stylish, and functional, Kÿchen brings fine, restaurant-quality cookware into your home. We offer a variety of products that accommodate all levels of skill, because there can never be too many cooks in the kitchen.