Brybelly acquires three lines of poker chip sets

Brybelly's casino-inspired Claysmith Gaming line now features nine full sets

INDANAPOLIS (19 July 2016) - Brybelly Holdings, Inc. (Brybelly) and Bradley Custom Gaming LLC. today announced an agreement under which Brybelly will acquire the Showdown, Poker Knights, and Monaco Club poker chip sets, to be added to Claysmith Gaming's roster of casino-inspired clay chips.

Inspired by the Vegas of yesteryear, these casino-grade poker chips are made of the same great quality clay composite as other Claysmith chips like The Mint, Rock & Roll Casino, and Desert Heat. They are available in 12 colorful denominations ranging from $0.25 to $25,000, weighing in at a substantial 13.5 grams.

"We decided to add these poker chip sets to our Claysmith Gaming brand after receiving dozens of requests from merchants," said Jeffrey K. Smith, Principal Shareholder, Brybelly. "The mold markings are beautiful, yet subtle, and the more traditional dual edge spot slots seamlessly into the existing Claysmith line."

For years Claysmith Gaming has provided high quality poker chips with a nostalgic, old Vegas feel, and looks to continue that tradition with these new chip sets. "We are able to bring our artisan skillset to these much beloved molds to create a win-win situation for Brybelly and poker chip enthusiasts," said Smith.

Showdown, Poker Knights, and Monaco Club poker chips will be available through Brybelly and Claysmith Gaming starting late July.