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Cast Iron Hammer with Wire, 5.45kg (12lbs)

ALT SKU: 193206003736
Added: December 17, 2018

Package (LxWxH): 36.0" x 8.0" x 8.0"
Weight: 12.0 lbs
MSRP $ 49.99
Min Sale Price $ 39.99

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Product Description:

Unparalleled Competitive Equipment

It's time to push the limits of your strength. The Hammer Throw is the ultimate showcase of power and form in Track & Field events at the Olympic, College, as well as Middle and High school levels of competition. It involves hoisting the ball on the end of a wire over your head, spinning over your head once, then carrying the momentum into a stationary spin for a full 1440-degree rotation, thrusting upward and letting go to maximize flying distance. Make sure you find the correct size for your training needs, as larger hammers are made for more advanced levels of competition. Crown Sporting Goods offers sizes for all levels at the Middle and High School as well as Collegiate and Olympic tiers of competition.

Why You'll Love It:

Each Hammer comes with a handle and wire no matter the size you purchase. You'll be able to find hammers for all levels of skill and age ranges. Hammers are ideal for indoor or outdoor settings whether you’re at the Gym, backyard, field, or the competition throw sector.