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Flag Football Belt, Black

ALT SKU: 8299
UPC: 796520355651
Added: January 9, 2018

Package (LxWxH): 4.0" x 1.5" x 0.6"
Weight: 0.1 lbs
MSRP $ 5.99
Min Sale Price $ 2.99

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Product Description:

Essential Flag Football Belts

Flag football is one of the fastest growing youth sports of the past few years. It provides classic football excitement and cuts down the risks of mainstream tackle football. Instead of expensive pads, helmets, etc. all you need is a flag belt with two hanging flags to get playing! Our flag belts hold the standard two flags and attach/detach from hook and loop fasteners to avoid stoppage in play that can happen with loose hanging flags.

Choose your belt color and get to the football field! These flags are great replacements to any sets needing an extra or for replacing worn out or ripped flags. Our belts hold two flags, standard for flag football leagues. The belts fasten with two loops, making it easy to take off, readjust, and put back on after each play.

Why You'll Love It:

These flag belts are made from nylon, extra durable and rip-resistant, able to withstand the many pulls and tugs of flag football games and seasons. These flags are great for youth leagues and children's recreational sports, for boys, girls, and co-ed leagues alike. They come in one size fits most, but our flags can be removed and slipped onto other belts with ease.