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3L Dri-Tech Waterproof Dry Satchel

UPC: 193206000087
Added: June 4, 2018

Package (LxWxH): 14.0" x 12.0" x 0.5"
Weight: 0.7 lbs
MSRP $ 14.99
Min Sale Price $ 14.99

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Product Description:

Dri-Tech Dry Satchels!

Keep your gear safe from the great outdoors with a Dri-Tech Dry Satchel. These waterproof dry satchels take the classic satchel and mix it with the Dri-Tech dry bags. The dry satchel is 14.5" x 11" when unrolled and 9" x 11" when rolled together. They hold 3L in volume and feature an Ingress Protection Level 66. It's able to withstand splashes and falling rain drops, it even floats in water. These satchels can handle water, snow, dust and dirt!

Dry satchels are an outdoor adventurer essential, they keep wallets, phones, keys, passports, jewelry, and snacks safe from weather. They come in handy during camping, fishing, kayaking and rafting trips as well as boating, sailing, and swimming trips. Fit it right over a shoulder and head out for a scenic hike! It handles snow and wintry conditions well, great for skiing, sledding, and snowboarding trips!

Why You'll Love It:

Dry satchels give keep your personal belongings safe, allowing you to enjoy your trip in peace. They're easy to use, just fill the bag with items, close the top, and roll it down 3-4 times. Then clip the buckle, adjust the strap to your liking, and place the satchel comfortably over a shoulder.