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Halloween Tablecloths, 3-pack

ALT SKU: 9354
UPC: 193206007420
Added: September 18, 2019

Package (LxWxH): 16.0" x 8.0" x 1.0"
Weight: 0.8 lbs
Min Sale Price $ 9.99

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Product Description:


Messes Beware

Wow! That’s a lovely table you have there. It’d be a shame if someone spilled something on it! Have no fear; Hauntlook thought about you. Protect your beautiful surfaces from the spilling of drinks, food, crafts, pumpkin carving (and rotting) and more with The Halloween Tablecloths.

You don’t get one, but THREE themed tablecloths.

And if you realize your Halloween décor is still missing a little oomph , check out Hauntlook’s Halloween Pennant Banner! They’d match these tablecloths perfectly!

Your cloth will come folded in packaging so there may be some wrinkles. To get the wrinkles out, hang tablecloth on clothesline or lay flat in dry area. Use hair dryer on low setting and press wrinkles flat, but don't get too close! If that fails try to put the cloth in the dryer on low, delicate setting for only one minute intervals. You just want the tablecloth to be warm enough to press the wrinkles out

Why You’ll Love It

These tablecloths are MASSIVE –with a whopping 108” x 54” of coverage! Made of 100% plastic, these will catch any mess that attempts to stain your surfaces. Reusable and easy to clean with a napkin or damp cloth.