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100+ Pack of Random D10 Polyhedral Dice in Multiple Colors

SKU: GDIC-1004
UPC: 609207894100
Added: February 8, 2013

Package (LxWxH): 7.0" x 6.0" x 2.0"
Weight: 1.0 lbs
Min Sale Price $ 21.99

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Product Description:

If you are a hard-core gamer, collect dice, need dice for a school project, fundraiser or other event, this 100 pack of D10 polyhedral dice is the perfect solution. Each set of dice will include at least 100 D10 dice. You will receive at least fifteen different colors in this lot, including translucent, opaque, and marble colors.

The dice in this set are factory firsts and are brand-new in mint condition. With sharp edges for great random game play, these dice are perfect for math students, teachers, gamers and more. Each die has large numbers to ensure easy reading. The 6 and 9 on each die are clearly marked with an underscore for easy recognition.